Disney Timeshare Value

The Disney brand is one of the strongest consumer brands in the world, on a variety of levels, and, as a result, Disney timeshare value is the highest in the industry. Built on the strength of the Disney theme park empire, visitors flock to the Magic Kingdom and related entertainment venues – which makes for a strong desire for the upscale Disney timeshare resorts that members can call home.

A Brand Unequaled in Timeshare

The Disney Vacation Club has parlayed this brand strength beyond the parks, with resorts in Hilton Head, Vero Beach and Hawaii as well as Anaheim and Orlando. The Disney entertainment options, driven for over 90 years by the company’s movie and subsequent media products, continues to drive brand loyalty to the parks where generations of consumers want to engage with their favorite characters. Those consumers need a place to stay and, very often, for consecutive annual vacations over several years. This need for all things Disney keeps their timeshare value at an extremely high level. No other brand in timeshare has the entertainment machine behind it that can keep creating such demand.

Reinvesting in the Product

The quality of the resorts is also a major factor in the worth of the Disney timeshare program. As evidenced by the company’s launch of the bungalows at the iconic Polynesian Resort (one of the two original Magic Kingdom resorts from the park’s opening in 1971), Disney continues to reinvest in its properties. New offerings such as Boulder Ridge Villas and Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge continue to keep Disney at the top of the central Florida accommodation options in a town, Orlando, which hosts the most timeshare resorts of any city in the world.

Flexibility of Points Ownership

Operating on a deeded points system, membership in the Disney Vacation Club is predicated on which resort your purchase your points. Some resorts bring in a higher point value than others. This can explain the variations of the point levels needed for staying in a given resort, ranging from a possible 69 points per week to stay in the Jambo House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas to 107 points for a week at Disney’s Beach Club Villas. Other variables such as the time of year and size of unit also come into play, but always keep in mind that the point levels vary by resort. One advantage can be that if you buy at a resort in higher demand, you can often turn those points into additional stays at other Disney resorts within the network.

Disney timeshares don’t last long on the resale market because of the high demand for the product, often retaining at least 70 percent of the new sale price. When you see one on the resale market, jump on it before it goes.

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