Timeshare Value Calculator

A timeshare value calculator is a new online tool to provide help to timeshare owners looking for assistance in determining the asking price for their ownership. Several timeshare advertising companies have established a value calculator to assist owners looking to sell, primarily because they may be prohibited by state law from providing specific price guidance if they are not licensed real estate agents in the state in which they operate.

When trying to calculate the value of a timeshare, there are several items to be aware of, so it makes sense to have your ownership information readily available once you begin the process. You would be surprised to discover how many owners do not know the specifics of what they own, and these details can be crucial in attracting the interest of a potential buyer.

You wouldn’t try selling your house without knowing the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, but some timeshare owners are unsure of even these basics. Even aspects such as the view, proper resort name and amenities can be vague to some sellers, but the more specific you can be about what you own, the better the chance to attract a buyer.

Essential Elements

  • You need to know the accurate name of the resort, as some resort names can be very closely aligned but be completely different resorts. For example, Marriott has two terrific resorts in Aruba, one called Marriott Aruba Surf Club and the other Marriott Aruba Ocean Club. Do you know the difference? If you own at one of these resorts and cannot accurately describe your resort, a buyer can be confused as well.
  • Most calculators will begin with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, so be accurate and don’t guess. Your ownership documents should state this but contact your resort to verify what you own if you are unsure.
  • The usage is extremely important – whether you own a deeded week, a specific week or floating week. Annual use, every other even year or every other odd year.
  • Know the amenities – inside and outside. Oceanfront with a balcony may be more attractive than one with just a window. Does your unit have a full kitchen? Sofa bed for the kids? A water park or just a water slide? It all adds up.

Licensed Agents

If you have difficulty finding an accurate timeshare value calculator, you should consider contacting a licensed real estate brokerage which specializes in timeshares. These agents can help you determine the value since they are allowed to do so by law. Keep in mind that if, in their estimation, they are unable to help you actually sell your timeshare, they should be able to at least give you a starting point for your price. This will enable you to sell your timeshare yourself online with the help of an advertising company.

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