WorldMark Timeshare Value

WorldMark, part of the Wyndham family of timeshare brands, has an extensive program of 92 timeshare resorts primarily in Canada, Mexico and the U.S. designed to provide quality vacations to its 270,000 members. As a pure points membership program, WorldMark timeshare value is determined by the points, otherwise known as credits, needed to vacation in a resort within the network.

Because the points are not tied to a particular resort, WorldMark timeshare points can be used at any resort within the network. This flexibility allows any member to stay in any resort at any given time. However, as with other points-based programs, the number of points needed to vacation can vary depending on the resort, location and time of year.

In the case of WorldMark – resorts are concentrated more in the western part of the U.S., the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, and Baja California in Mexico. Florida and St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands are always popular, and owners can even experience the South Pacific at WorldMark Fiji.

Use It to Value It

As with many products, the ultimate value is in the eye of the owner, or the prospective owner. This is a use product, meaning that the key to the worth of the program is in how, and how often, owners use their points to take vacations. Owners who rarely take vacations may not see the same value as someone who uses their points on multiple occasions.

With the flexibility of a points-based program, multiple shorter stays can be booked, meaning owners who don’t like to vacation over a full week can break up their stays into multiple long weekends if that suits their lifestyle.

Seasons and Size Always Matters

Seasons are always a determiner of value, with the company using a Red, White and Blue system of season designation – Red being the most popular and Blue being the least popular. With the points values, even the day of the week matters, as some resorts see their required points values double from Thursday to Friday.

Size of the unit requested also makes a difference, with gradually more points needed as you progress from a studio unit through the one, two and three bedroom unit configurations. For most resorts, 10,000 – 12,000 points can get you a multi-room unit configuration for a week at just about any time of the year for an average family (up to six guests). Of course, there will always be that Presidential or Penthouse unit that will cost more, but points can be carried over into the following year if you decide to save up and splurge later on. But points can only be held for a maximum of two years before they expire.

Values on Average

WorldMark points cost about $2-3 per point through WorldMark but go for about 15-20 percent of that cost on the resale market. Maintenance fees are calculated by number of points owned so, for instance, an allotment of 8,000 – 10,000 points would cost about $750 a year in fees. Build that into the discounted resale cost and prorate that overall cost across the years of ownership and you’ll have vacations at very competitive rates every year, with much better accommodation than a typical hotel.

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